Technologies and processes

Here you will find a brief overview of some of our employed technologies and procedures to the realization of our customer projects:


  • Palletizing
  • Magazining
  • Feeding:
    For the supply of individual production parts for further assembly, we can integrate different systems in our plants. These include, for. Example, spiral conveyors, drum conveyor or Stufenhubförderer.
  • Sorting
  • Singulation
  • Dosing:
    We dose required materials optimally to the respective application. For example, resins for sealing parts.
  • Forwarding

Zuführen von NasenspraydosierernCheck + Control:

  • Leak test:
    We check the tightness of components e.g. by the use of compressed air measurement systems.
  • Torque testing
  • Angle of rotation test
  • Force-examination
  • Image processing:
    With the help of cameras and other image processing systems, we consider e.g. the correct orientation of components, the completeness of assembly processes etc.
  • Function testing:
    After the assembly of componentsyou often can’t see, whether the installation was carried out without errors. We carry matching checks to e.g. to ask or determine if a component is also smooth the faultless assembly firmly etc.


  • Screw
  • Press
  • US-welding:
    For connecting components different methods can be used. We install and adjust the welding equipment so that our customers’ products are optimally connected without damage.
  • Laser welding:
    Laser welding is typically used when the metal products must be connected to each other.
  • Stick
  • Seal

Verbinden von Deckel und Nasen-SprayeinheitMarking:

  • Labelling:
    Thus components can be identified at any time, we label products e.g. by barcodes and integration of a label printer in the production process.
  • Banding:
    For product labeling for example: Round dialysis filters is particularly suitable banding. Here the product is glued completely or partially with a corresponding band.
  • Checking:
    To bring any faulty components in the continued use, are part of our systems for functional testing of course the standard offering for our automation systems – we want you to deliver 100% quality.
  • Marking:
    For many products a tracking of the production process is necessary. To this end, the application of Marking (e.g. QR code) offers. But also in other areas is a useful marker (z. B. mating mark, turning marks, etc.)
  • Printing and laser marking:
    We offer you different labeling systems for the identification of your products. These include, for. Example, ink jet or laser marking systems.
  • Assembling
  • Blistering

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