SPEED-Line-400More than just stacking products

The distribution of production plants and the automated handling of sensitive products has seen an ever increasing demand for reliable and high-performance palletizing technology.

Once the order and orientation required in the production process has been established, it is easy to achieve the efficient and long-term cost-effective further processing and logistic advancement of products.

Our standard palletizers help streamline coordination of your production, provide reliable product quality and ensure high autonomy and a continuous production process.

FLG offers a broad range of palletizing systems as individual solutions for your production.

VARIO Line palletizer

VarioThe VARIO Line is a tray palletizing system for trays or blisters for existing handling systems or robots. The VARIO Line can be selected with manual or automatic tray infeed.


SPEED Line palletizer

Messe_SL1If it’s high-speed performance you want, our standard palletizer from the SPEED Line range is just the right machine for you. Complete with workpiece handling system, the SPEED Line can be selected with manual or automatic tray infeed.


EURO Line palletizer

EURO-Line-300x300A key feature of the EURO Line is the infeed of trays that have been stacked on pallets. This ensures high plant autonomy. Depending on the model, with or without workpiece handling system, the EURO Line can also be used solely as a palletizer.


PORTAL Line palletizer

PortalpalettiererOur PORTAL Line is ideal for palletizing tasks in the final packaging sector. The portal gantry system can be ideally adapted to suit in-house work space conditions. Optional pallet conveyor technology ensures high autonomy during palletizing tasks.


PACK Line palletizer

LThe PACK Line is the ideal supplement for the palletizing of cartons, canisters, buckets, etc. in the final packaging sector.


SLIM Line palletizer

Slim-LineThe SLIM Line system is the ideal partner when space is at a premium and when palletizing is required to create a smooth material flow. Initially developed as a customized solution, it is now part of our standard range of palletizers.


DUO Line palletizer

DUO-Line-300x300The DUO Line palletizing system enables the simultaneous separate loading and unloading of different parts into or out of two trays.