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our simplest modular tray handling system

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The Easy Line system consists of 5 basic modules: feeding buffer unit, destacking unit, handling unit, stapling unit and outffed buffer unit. The individual modules can be combined individually – tailored to your needs.

From a simple tray destacker system to a complete system with destacking-, stacking- and handling unit – you can easily assemble your system on a modular basis.

The system is ideal for easy palletizing trays, containers and KLTs, that are provided manually or on a conveyor belt. It takes over automatically the destacking or stacking of the trays or containers on a predefined height. A handling unit can be positioned between destacking and stacking unit. The removal of the stacked tray or containers is done automatically via an enclosed conveyor system or can be done manually at the end of the system.

The system can be connected via an interface with feeding and dischargeing systems or it can be provided with its own control software. A system that adapts to your needs!

The modular and compact design of the Easy-Line ensures that the system requires only a minimum of floor space and can be easily adapted to different systems and transport containers.

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  • fast cycle time
  • high autonom and availability
  • low-maintenance and user-friendly
  • individually configurable through modular design
  • robust and compact design
  • suitable for medical-, pharmaceutical-, c automotive-, electronics- and consumer goods products

The typical basic system consists of 7 units:
2 x feeding buffer unit,
1 x destacking unit,
1 x handling unit,
1 x stacking unit,
2 x removal buffer unit.

However, it can be adapted to your needs. Come the trays already separately from another production step, then you let the destacking unit away . Do you want only to stack trays that come from another plant, than you only need the stacking unit with the removal units.

A system that adapts to your needs!


  • clean room or ESD version
  • integrated control
  • safety housing
  • U-shape of the system
  • other tray sizes

Specifications standard system

(Ex. complete system with 7 units)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 5000 x 800 x 1600 mm (height incl. tray stack)
Tray types: Thermoforming and special trays, KLT, etc.
Tray sizes (L x W): 400 x 300 mm or 600 x 400 mm
Load overall system: Max. 120 kg (more on request)
Tray stacking hight: Max. 600 mm
Cycle time palletizing: 5 sec
Control: Simatic S7-300, Tia-Portal, Beckhoff
Interfaces: Ethercat, Profinet