We offer our customers more than 30 years of valuable experience

Geschichte_engWhat began more than 30 years ago as a small family firm in Bad Vilbel, Germany, has since developed into a medium-sized company of international renown and with more than 100 employees: FLG Automation AG.

But just as we’ve kept the initials of our company founders, Friedrich and Lüdger Grünewald, we’ve also stayed true to our core priorities: quality, customer satisfaction and in-time delivery.

Founding of FLG Grünewald GmbH in Bad Vilbel, Germany, as an engineering agency for electrical engineering and machine service

The flourishing family firm relocates to its newly built premises in Karben

Development of new business segments through specialization in handling and assembly technology

FLG is quick to recognize the demands on modern production processes and begins development and construction of the first standardized palletizing system

Success and quality lead to growth. A second building phase is begun to allow the company premises to expanded

Development and construction of the SPEED Line and EURO Line palletizing systems

Further expansion of the company factory

In an ever-changing business environment, and constantly dealing with large internationally active companies, FLG converts to “FLG Automation AG”, and becomes a stock corporation.

Development of further business segments in the field of final packaging through the development and construction of its portal gantry system: PORTAL Line

Expansion of the product range and utilization of synergies through collaboration and close cooperation with Zahoransky AG. Market launch of the Vario Line product range, a universal system for tray and pallet provision.

For the first time more than 80 employees


Expansion of the plant in Karben with a new building

For the first time more than 90 employees

For the first time more than 100 employees