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SPEED-Line 400A palletizer or palletizing roboter is a system for production automation. The palletizer parts (workspieces or packages) are grouped automatically to charge carriers (also referred to as trays). The tray transports the workpieces then to the next processing unit. For this task, different conditioning systems can be used. Typically, this are 4 or 6-axis industrial robot systems or palletizing systems produced by FLG.

Types of palletizers

There are basically four different types of palletizers: articulated robots, layer palletizer, linear robots or Portalpalettierer. We at FLG develop and produce palletizers which are tailored to your requirements.

The tray

Zahn freiThe tray is essential for the production. It carries one or more workpieces within the production process. Often stocked with parts trays also be stacked and used for intermediate storage of parts that are not immediately go into further processing or to be transported only to another location for further processing.

Thus the palletizing process is functioning smoothly a custom-fit tray is very important because otherwise it can lead to errors in the palletizing. We develop and produce trays that guarantee a smooth production process. You can find more information in a weakening Traydesign.